Look me in the eyes lores

Sea, Sky, Sirens, Marigolds and Covid Corner

Rosie Burns shows print­mak­ing and paint­ing inspired by a vari­ety of themes.

The C-19 Health over Wealth series depicts Rosie’s deceptively light-hearted take on this global crisis, a response which belies a more serious personal and social conviction that the overconsumption of our planet’s resources is not without cost. Earlier series of woodcut prints have also developed in response to environmental concerns.

Rosie’s Marigold Men and Sirens series challenge and subvert conventional depictions of gender in popular culture, advertising and art history, while her sea and sky paintings speak a more universal language. Rosie particularly enjoys “the places where the land meets the sea and the light dances between surfaces”.

Like many artists and makers, Rosie finds great inspiration in chance moments, such as a reflection in a shop window where the complex play on perceived picture planes offers an illusionary encounter.
Look me in the eyes lores
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