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Screening and Q&A: Marwa Arsanios 'Who Is Afraid of Ideology, Part 4 Reverse Shot' (2022)

Join us for a screen­ing of Mar­wa Arsanios’s Who Is Afraid of Ide­ol­o­gy, Part 4 Reverse Shot (2022) fol­lowed by a con­ver­sa­tion with the artist.

Join us for a screening of Marwa Arsanios’s 'Who Is Afraid of Ideology, Part 4 Reverse Shot' (2022) followed by a conversation with the artist.

For several years, filmmaker Marwa Arsanios has been exploring the impact of war on our relationship with nature, by observing eco-feminist practices in conflict zones.

Part four of Arsanios’s film series 'Who Is Afraid of Ideology?' follows a collaborative project attempting to shift the status of a private plot of land in the North of Lebanon to a common waqf: an endowment to benefit and support communities and aid community development. The aim is to advance the right of usership over ownership, allowing the land to be used only by people for non-agricultural purposes. Reflecting the way that land as a living object inherently resists property, the film explores the interconnectedness of geology, history, law and agriculture, bringing forward a kind of ecology of thought whose purpose is communalisation and rehabilitation.

The film duration is 35 minutes. A Q&A between Marwa Arsanios and Spike Island curator Carmen Juliá follows the screening.
Still WAI4 high 1800x1200 c center