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Sarah Dobai | The Donkey Field

Sarah Dobai’s sin­gle screen short film

24/03/22 – 09/04/22
Thursday 24 March - Saturday 9 April
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm
Late opening on Fridays until 8pm
Free admission, all welcome

Sarah Dobai's single screen short film, The Donkey Field, weaves a link between a racist attack on a young boy on a piece of common land known locally as ‘the donkey field’ and the story of the persecution of Marie and Balthazar in the acclaimed film Au Hasard Balthazar (Robert Bresson, 1966). Dobai's film features a text based on sections of a childhood memoir of Budapest in 1944, and scenes which re-enact and reframe Bresson’s allegorical story about the scapegoating of innocent subjects. Partly shot on the streets of present-day Budapest, under a regime criticised for its anti-immigrant policies and harsh treatment of refugees, The Donkey Field underlines the relevance of the boy’s story to other, more recent stories of displacement and victimisation.

Sarah Dobai is a London-based artist with family roots in Budapest. She works with photography, film, publication and performance.

The Donkey Field was produced with the support of Arts Council England, University of the Arts, London and The Elephant Trust. The film is presented at CAST in partnership with the Museum of Cornish Life, in association with their new exhibition about the Second World War.
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