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Sal­vage is an exhi­bi­tion of paint­ings and sculp­tures from South West Artists and mak­ers. Kap­pa V Kap­pa Art, Eloise Dun­well, Dreamy Ox

21/11/20 – 25/11/20
Opening Times
Sun–Wed, 11:00 – 19:00
Thursday, Closed
Fri–Sat, 11:00 – 19:00
These three artists come from different backgrounds and styles, but all have one thing in common; A fascination with found objects and spaces, and how they can see potential in old and cast off materials.
Salvage is a look at their individual practices, and how they intersect, creating new work and moments from items that are transformed and repurposed.
Kappa V Kappa art – Chaotic, colourful mess; a puppeteer by trade, who likes to explore colour using unique printing and painting techniques.
Dreamy Ox Art – Set Designer Max Dorey takes found and scrap materials and reimagines them as abstract sculptures and miniatures, mountain landscapes, stilt houses and sci-fi flying vessels.
Eloise Dunwell/Lulibird Art – Raised in Australia, Eloise always enjoyed collecting found items and making studies from them.
Salvage Banner