Storm at Horseshoe Rock

Saltwater Series Two: Kim Pragnell

Stun­ning seascapes from Dorset painter Kim Pragnell.

Kim Pragnell has been a professional painter of the sea for over ten years, based in a delightful village studio in Iwerne Minster, Dorset. Despite the distance from the nearest coast, he has been able to use his considerable time spent at sea, both in the Royal Navy and with sailing yachts around the south coast. Kim exhibits in galleries from Cornwall to Dorchester, Devon and Bath, and will be showing in Shaftesbury in October.

Working on a painting is often an emotional rollercoaster, starting with the ubiquitous blank canvas. Using a pictorial database of skies, coastline and sea, he initially throws colour and marks onto the surface. Using glazes, and drawing with paint, to create a collection of shapes and dynamics to allow a painting to emerge and the journey begins. The sea is always the most important, with light and drama playing its part.
Storm at Horseshoe Rock