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Robots with Pens by Joseph Wilk

Work­shops to make exper­i­men­tal robot draw­ings using code

Opening Times
16:00 – 17:00
Vera Molnar is one of the early pioneers of automated drawing and computer arts. Rather than starting from scratch, we will be working with existing p5 sketches based on recreations of Vera Molnár's work. We will be using the p5 Web editor and while we will work with screens our ultimate goal is to output to pen and paper using an automated drawing machine. Like any physical medium, this will shape what we create in ways different from computer screen-based work.

We will explore breaking and adding errors in code in purposeful ways to see their effects. Automation is a great way to explore visually so we will try and automate our errors trying to generate as many as possible. Finally, the part that is extremely difficult (if not impossible) for automation to replace, the human judgement to find those that connect with you (taken very much from how Molnár describes her process). We will look at an automated drawing machine and how they work. At the end, you can send your work to my automated drawing machine and we will send out your work via the post.

Artist Bio

Joseph Wilk is an artist working with programming code, realtime media & audio. In particular, he is interested in live programming as performance art. His experience of disability —living with pain, physical limitations, disillusionment and disconnection— strongly impacts his practice. He deconstructs, misuses and repurposes software to challenge notions of ownership, narrative and visibility. He thinks of programming as a means of facilitating and augmenting human communication rather than replacing it, facilitating new forms of expression that put humans at the centre of control.

Access Information

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