Tanner Cropped

Robin Tanner: From Goldsmiths to the Great Depression

Some of Robin Tan­ner’s finest etch­ing and oth­er works exhib­it­ed at Chip­pen­ham Muse­um. Free Entry for all.

This exhibition will explore the life and work of Robin Tanner during his formative years between the First and Second World Wars. Using key moments from Robin Tanner’s life, such as his training at Goldsmiths College and building a new home in Kington Langley, the exhibition will explore wider themes such as the etching revival, craft and design and developments in art education.

At the heart of the exhibition will be works from the recently acquired Golder-Thompson Gift in Memory of Arthur Norman. These etching and engravings from the 1920s and 30s form the earliest works from the Golder-Thompson and help us understand Tanner’s blossoming interest in etching, wedded to his love of the English countryside. The full gift can be viewed in the museum’s publication ‘A Century in Print-1920-2020’, available from the museum shop.
Tanner Cropped
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