Unnamed 19

Red River Screening and Artist's Choice Evening

New work by Nao­mi Frears and a screen­ing of Tarkovsky’s Stalk­er’ intro­duced by poet John Wedg­wood Clarke.

Opening Times
10:00 – 22:00
This weekend CAST is hosting a cluster of events organised and presented by Field Notes as part of an eighteen-month research project led by poet Dr John Wedgwood Clarke of the University of Exeter.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through their Leadership Fellowship scheme, the project explores the complex impact of human activity on the ecology of this small post-industrial river, which rises amongst Neolithic stones on the moors above Camborne and finally issues into the clear waters of St Ives Bay at Gwithian. Formerly extensively polluted, the river gained its name from the mineral deposits associated with tin mining, which formerly coloured its waters red.

Red River, Looped Screenings
10am - 6pm
Free admission, just drop in

Artist Naomi Frears’s new moving image work, 'Red River' ,commissioned as part of the project, will be screened in the black box space at CAST throughout the day.

Artist's Choice Screening of 'Stalker'
Admission £10, including CAST Café supper
Booking essential

John Wedgwood Clarke will introduce his Artist’s Choice, a selection whose mood reflects his interest in ‘what is wild and what is natural, beautiful and ugly, rubbish and valuable’.

The protagonist of Andrei Tarkovsky’s classic film is an illegal guide known as ‘Stalker’. The film follows Stalker as he leads a writer seeking inspiration and a scientist hoping to make a discovery into the heart of a fiercely protected post-apocalyptic wasteland known as ‘The Zone’. They are both searching for a mythical place known only as ‘The Room’. Anyone who enters The Room will supposedly have any of his earthly desires immediately fulfilled.

For bookings email contact@castcafe.uk or call 01326 569267 during open hours.
Unnamed 19