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Talks & Seminars

Indigenous Film+Zoom Screening followed by Q&A with Artist Dakota Camacho

In this live con­ver­sa­tion Per­for­mance Artist Dako­ta will unfold the mean­ings and indige­nous Microne­sian knowl­edge embod­ied in their new film Etak.

We can’t travel at the Moment but we can travel virtually-
This amazing indigenous event will give a us unique insight into Micronesian art and culture-

We will start with a screening of a recorded zoom music and culture performance by cultural leaders from Guam/Guahan followed by a screening of Dakota's Camacho's film ETAK: an [un}traditional Micronesian Navigation Chant.
To close the event we will have a chance to have a live conversation with Indigenous Performance Artist Dakota Camacho on their film and Chamorro heritage.

Etak (pronounced Eh-tack) loosely translates as moving islands, a form of triangulation and is a Micronesian seafaring technology, used in relationship to understanding the ocean-going vessel’s relationship to the movement of space and time. Etak is built upon the ethos in Micronesia that the canoe is stable and the universe moves around the canoe, this is a vessel for traveling through space and time, through the world as an Indigenous person who is of a global community yet from a specific place.
“My family taught me to plot our course to home through building beautiful relationships to spaces, places, and kin. Ináfa’maolek is the energy that flows from our cultural practices.

I endeavor to understand my relationship to being a good human by triangulating my relationship to the peoples, languages, cultural practices, and lands where I have experienced inágofli’e & ináguaiya. Ináfa’maolek.” -Dakota Camacho

Etak is ritual. It is the process of deeply understanding the world around us, in relationship to self and to each other, to the land and the water. In this awareness we find our place and purpose, we create the space for the co-creation of knowledge, compassion, and understanding. When we come together, we are deepening our relationships to each other.

To take part in this event please register on the Eventbrite link.

This event is part of STTLMNT's winter program -www.sttlmnt.org
An indigenous digital world wide occupation.

Press Image: Etak: an [un]traditional Micronesian Navigation Chant, Dakota Camacho, 2021. Film image still, Photo credit: Futsum Tsegai