Workshops & Courses

POETRY OF DECAY with Christine Chester

A 3‑day course with tex­tiles artist Chris­tine Chester, explor­ing the Poet­ry of Decay.

During this 3-day mixed media course, delivered by Christine Chester, you will be introduced to some materials and processes that will help you to create rich and textured surfaces, based on the inspiration found in and around the Clayhill Arts site.

Christine will show you how to create your own mark-making tools from found and discarded objects from around our landscape, whilst producing a series of small paper-based studies enabling you to layer experiments quickly. This will enable you to create an understanding of your materials, that you could then use at home, to work on more considered fabric pieces and in your ongoing practice.

This is an introduction to mixed media and is mostly worked on paper. During the 3 days, you will be incorporating these works with experimental fabric techniques. Participants will work with A6 heavy papers, first creating an underlayer of texture; then working on with lots of different wet and dry media.

This media includes paints, inks, dyes, wax, oil pastel, puff binder, rusting powder and more – combined with machine and hand stitch.

By the end of the course, you will:

Gain an appreciation of how physical textures will affect coloured media.
Have an understanding of fast and non-fast media and how they work with each other.
Have discovered how layering builds up complexity, as lower layers affect subsequent media.
Have learnt how this method can be used to experiment with any new media.
Know how this method provides a good model for sketchbook work for anyone working primarily with texture.