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In this two-day intro­duc­to­ry course, cre­ative tech­nol­o­gist and dig­i­tal media artist Dave Webb will teach you some basic cod­ing techniques.

Writing code for a computer, can feel a long way from other artistic traditions, yet there is huge scope for artists of all disciplines to embrace technology as a medium, or as a complement to an existing practice.

In this two-day introductory course Pixels for Pencils, creative technologist and digital media artist Dave Webb will teach you some basic coding techniques that will get you started in this fascinating medium.

Over the two days you will:

Gain an introduction to coding with p5.js (created by artists, for artists)
Learn what Pixels and Frames are and how they are the building blocks of screen images
Discover what an algorithm is and how can it be creative
Understand the use of repetition, variation, and chance in coding design
How to interact with digital creations
How to show digital work through print and projection
Question whether this is really art, and take a critical look at digitally created work
We can only scratch the surface of a vast range of skills and approaches in this two-day introduction, but you will be provided with all of the resources and recommendations to explore further and by the end of this course you will have:

The skills for writing code to make images and animated works; an appreciation of how even simple algorithms can generate varied and surprising forms; and an understanding of where your role as the artist sits in algorithmic work.
Developed some ideas for how you can use technology in your own practice and have examples of your own work created over the two days to work from.
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