Phoenix by Kate Rattray

Picking Up The Pieces

Exhi­bi­tion of work by 20 mosa­ic artists.

20 mosaic artists from the south west have come together to exhibit their varied, colourful and often surprising work in Picking up the Pieces at the Sou Sou West Gallery on the Symondsbury Estate from 8th to 31st May.

This exhibition showcases the enormous diversity of style that the artists have brought to this ancient, but much evolved art form, which includes both 2D and 3D work.

Mosaic is usually defined as the assemblage of small pieces of material to create a larger image or object. The artists picking up the pieces for this show have taken this very simple definition to surprising and exciting levels: like the many different materials on show, the rules have been broken in a thousand different ways.

Artists from the whole of the south west region, including Somerset, Dorset, East and North Devon, the South Hams and Cornwall, are involved in this remarkable exhibition. It features both 2D and 3D work, all made from carefully selected and shaped fragments, pieces and shards in a kaleidoscope of material, colour and form.

Be prepared for surprises; mosaic can be addictive, and you may well want to come back for a second look!
Phoenix by Kate Rattray