FINAL poster Paula Downing Antony Hosking Lynn Simms 2021

Paula Downing, Antony Hosking, Lynn Simms

Con­junc­tion’ Paula Down­ing – Hand Built Ceram­ics. Antony Hosk­ing – Pho­tog­ra­phy. Lynn Simms – Printmaker.

“Although each of us work with different materials and processes, we have a common link.
Hence the title ‘Conjunction’.
The word ‘Conjunction’ means ‘a coming together’ and the common denominator here is to do with abstracting ideas, layering of colour and texture, creating depth and sometimes, intricate detail.
Each of us try to achieve this in our own way and so invite you to explore beneath the surface and search for the less obvious but nonetheless interesting hidden gems.

Paula Downing

“My work has always been about the landscape and ancient history of Cornwall, hinting at the rugged and sometimes menacing forms, textures and colours. In my heart that still remains a constant source of inspiration and excitement.
However, this body of work shows a distinct change. The forms are still sourced from the land/sea scape but the colours are of summer.”

Antony Hosking

“No ‘art speak’ here, just a note about my photos…….
My pictures are objects and situations that have literally ‘grabbed me’ wandering about locations in Cornwall.
Each is a personal statement and a ‘found’ still life or composition.
Nothing has been set up.
Yes, there is an element of ‘Photoshop’ but it is fairly minimal and used to emphasize the qualities I saw in the original event.
I admit I am a ‘stickler’ for detail and enjoy searching, observing and recording what might normally go unnoticed.”

Lynn Simms

“My art is abstract. It is about composition, I focus on materials, processes and actions. The creative process is as important to me as the objects I make; a choreography, performance or improvisation. I create systems to work within, or to explore the boundaries of. I often use chance to initiate composition. The outcomes are layered and exposed textures in the form of prints, objects and installations.”
FINAL poster Paula Downing Antony Hosking Lynn Simms 2021