Paul Wadsworth Mountain Harvest Oil 120 x 120cm

Paul Wadsworth | Stories From the Banyan Tree

Join us for the open­ing night on Fri­day 7th April 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

Stories From the Banyan Tree | A solo exhibition of paintings by Paul Wadsworth

'A new collection of paintings informed by travels in India over past 9 years.

From Kerala to Rajasthan and many places in between.

Travelling with acrylic paint and paper I paint mainly from observation on travels although not always the case.

Getting into ideas of colour and new stories to tell for larger paintings back in the studio in Cornwall. These are on canvas and painted in oils.

I don’t tend to use the travel paintings as a direct source but rely on the feelings and emotions I gained from doing them. Much better than taking numerous photos, although I do find myself doing these too and rarely look at them.

To use something so direct would kill the way I like to arrive at a painting. The first steps are complete chaos without idea of place, form, or subject.

All this reveals itself as the painting progresses and decisions start having to be made.

I work on at least 9 paintings at a time as I get to points when I have no idea what to do so just wait. Then work on another or bounce from one to the other with colour I’m enjoying that day.

This solo show, at the Penwith gallery St Ives, will contain some of these works and a selection of the paintings done on location in India so gives an idea how it comes together. A new book ‘Stories From The Banyan Tree’ will be available.

India is a place of great contrasts and beauty and later this year will be painting from studio in Kerala for 7 months when I hope to work on a series of larger works.'

- Paul Wadsworth 2023.

Instagram: @wadsworth.paul
Paul Wadsworth Mountain Harvest Oil 120 x 120cm