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Outi Pieski

Dis­cov­er visu­al artist Outi Pieski’s explo­ration of iden­ti­ty, cul­ture and environment.

Outi Pieski is a Sámi visual artist based in Ohcejohka (Utsjoki), Finland. This will be her first large-scale exhibition in the UK.

Pieski's paintings and installations explore several themes, including the culture and identity of the Sámi people – who live in the region of Sápmi, which now includes the northern part of Scandinavia and Kola peninsula in Russia.

In many of her projects, she incorporates duodji (the traditional craft practices of the Sámi people) using materials such as wood and textile. For Pieski, duodji is also a way of revitalising connections between past and future generations.

Through this thought-provoking show, Pieski raises important questions around ancestral return, indigenous people’s rights, and the relationship between humans, animals and nature.
CROP 421586587 767608325406962 6945041293900557305 n