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three-day course designed as a way to give a glimpse into the organ­ic screen-print­ing process that has been influ­enced by nature

This practical three-day course delivered by Dizzy Ink is designed as a way to give a glimpse into the organic screen-printing process that has been influenced by nature.

We will ask questions such as ‘how can we better form a link between natural pigments and printing processes?’ and will be covering the use of natural pigments to dye fabric, as well as screen printing onto local paper and then dyed onto fabric.

We’ll also be looking at ways that we can create new works in nature, taking inspiration from the world around us whilst working with eco-friendly materials.

This is a very practical and hands-on course. You will leave with lots of experiments and designs to take home with you.

By the end of the three days you will:

Know what to forage from the landscape to make your own homemade pigments.
Understand the screen printing process and what works well.
Learn about fabric preparation and the dying process involved.
Know how to prepare and expose screens for printing.
Have created your own printed artworks, with time to experiment and learn what works.
Have the opportunity to show and present your work to others.
DI600 1024x1024