Just an Illusion Maria Falconer MA M Sc FRPS
We all know that a two-dimensional photograph has very little to do with reality. A trick of light, a point of view, all images are ultimately illusions constructed out of film, pixels or ink. Some illusions are set up using props or the environment whereas others seem to magically present themselves in the viewfinder.

Maria Falconer is a professional photographer who creates promotional fiction for dance and physical theatre companies. And in her personal work she experiments with the body, stillness and motion to create visual illusions.

On this workshop Maria will introduce you to her work and photographic approaches, and then you will be invited to construct some visual magic of your own.

Learn more and book: https://rps.org/events/bristol/2020/november/online-it-s-just-an-illusion-maria-falconer-20-11-20/
Just an Illusion Maria Falconer MA M Sc FRPS