Greenislandstudios 117
A relaxed and informative zoom workshop with Jo Bradford, Author of the best-selling book “Smart Phone Smart Photography - Simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android”. Both Apple and Android users will be offered plenty of opportunity to work on their photography while getting advice from Jo about composition, framing and the theory of what makes a good photograph.

Discover the best of the tried and tested gadgets and apps in Jo’s professional tool kit to improve your smart phone photography.

This inspirational course is low on jargon, taught in Jo’s characteristic informal approach. Covering both practical hands on work and with some essential photo theory as it applies to smart phones, the aim of the day is to have fun while you learn.

The whole course is designed to give you the skillset and know-how you will need to get out there and start releasing the creative potential of your device, ensuring you can capture those fleeting moments every time.

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Greenislandstudios 117