Olu Ogunnaike 112021 photo Arthur Pequin web 1800x1200 c center 1

Olu Ogunnaike: Solo exhibition

A site-spe­cif­ic com­mis­sion by Olu Ogun­naike trans­forms Spike Island’s eight-metre-high gallery space.

03/02/24 – 05/05/24
Opening Times
Sunday, 12:00 – 17:00
Mon–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 12:00 – 17:00
A site-specific commission by Olu Ogunnaike transforms Spike Island’s eight-metre-high gallery space to investigate social and historical properties embedded in the materiality of wood. This monolithic structure combines handmade OSB (oriented strand board) made from offcuts that reference species of wood growing locally with mud collected from the river Avon, which flows along the building’s façade.


Olu Ogunnaike (b. 1986, London, UK) takes trees as repositories of memory within the places and communities where they grow, to cite wood as a marker of possible encounters: between past and present; between people and the spaces they inhabit. Ogunnaike is interested in the parallels that can be drawn between humans and trees, tracing the moment a tree is uprooted from one geographical setting and placed in another, where it might be transformed. This story – of the composite and accumulative nature of our identities – is inextricably linked to community, labour and the transaction of exchange.
Olu Ogunnaike 112021 photo Arthur Pequin web 1800x1200 c center 1