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Workshops & Courses

Natural Dye Workshop

Learn a new skill and explore how to use your plants to grow colour for nat­ur­al dyes.

Discover the endless tones of colour and pattern possible with a few simple, everyday plants and ingredients.

Cory, from Broomby's flowers, will show you how to start your own dye garden and create homegrown colours and dyes, even if you only have a small space for a few pots. Explore local flowers and plants to create a beautiful range of colours and prints using many common British plants grown locally in Devon

Michelle, from Seam Haberdashery, will then talk you through the available natural dyes. Explore and experiment with simple techniques, learning how to dye cloth and yarn to achieve many different colours which can be developed further into your own textile projects.

You will be able to take all your fabric and yarn samples home with you.

10am - 12.30pm


1.00pm - 3.30pm

Suitable ages 15+. Free places for 15-25 years
IMG 3136