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Naomi Frears: The Days of the Future Stand Before Us

The Days of the Future Stand Before Us brings togeth­er two of Frears’ film works, Men Falling (2020) and Ten (2016÷24) for the first time. In both wor

The first part of Men Falling observes surfers as they come to the end of their ride on a wave. In these final moments they seem to give themselves to the sea, each bringing their own particular style to the dismount. This is paired with a second section that recounts the artist’s memories of the days leading up to the death of her father. Men Falling was commissioned by Exeter Phoenix as part of their moving image commission programme.

In Ten, originally made for an exhibition at Kestle Barton, Cornwall in 2016, Frears explores how people typically behave on the beach, for example rolling in the sand, pointing or playing ball. Observing how the beach goers disappear briefly behind the frames of her studio window, like characters in the gutter of a comic book, Frears playfully choreographs their movements, exploring the space between what is past and what is yet to happen. Harbour House has commissioned Frears to make a new soundtrack for Ten with artist S J Blackmore. This is the first time this new version of the work has been shown.

Visitors can also explore a FREE drop-in Stop Motion Clay Animation activity in the gallery.
Screenshot 2024 03 26 153146