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My Body, My Home

Ellen Downes, Everybody’s Story

24/06/22 – 29/06/22
Opening Times
Sun–Wed, 10:00 – 18:00
Thu–Fri, Closed
Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00
Following a successful exhibition last summer at Centrespace Gallery (as featured on BBC One), Ellen Downes is introducing her second solo exhibition.
This year she will be working with 100 women and non-binary people. She is casting their busts in gold to line the gallery walls like armour. The exhibit, ‘MY BODY, MY HOME’ will share these individual’s stories of sexual assault and harrassment. It will centre around themes of reclamation and empowerment.
She says, “So often women and non-binary bodies are objectified and our voices and agency are taken from us. This exhibition creates objects from our bodies, on our terms.”
Find out more and follow the BTS making of the exhibition here:
The exhibition and events are ticketed, book at
Events programme:
Thursday 23rd 7-10PM Press Night (invitation only)
Friday 24th 7-8:30PM Ella Riggs Embodiment Yoga Class
Saturday 25th 7-9PM 2B or not 2B Collective (from London) Life Drawing
Sunday 26th 8:30-9:30AM Morning Embodiment Yoga with Sally Balfourth
Monday 27th 7-9PM Bristol Life Drawing with Beth Kirby – guided practice
Tuesday 28th 7-9PM Purdie Life Drawing – burlesque performance by Antonia Purdie
Wednesday 29th 8:30-9:30AM Morning Embodiment Yoga with Sally Balfourth
7-9PM UWE/Arnolfini teacher Sarah-Jane Mccarthy Life Drawing – shibari performance by Burgundy Rose and Spring Tide

🏳️‍🌈 *All events are part of the Yuup Bristol Pride events programme
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