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Mirrors Fog Over When I Breathe

CLOSE proud­ly presents Mir­rors Fog Over when I Breathe, an exhi­bi­tion fea­tur­ing new works by Helen Barff, Kather­ine Per­rins and Denise Webber.

CLOSE proudly presents Mirrors Fog Over when I Breathe, an exhibition featuring new works by Helen Barff, Katherine Perrins and Denise Webber. This show marks the first in a series of curated exhibitions in Bristol by CLOSE Gallery.

The exhibition brings together works that evoke a humanness and notions of what it is to be alive and physically present and in the moment. The title is taken from a poem by the American poet Leslie Harrison.

Helen Barff is a multidisciplinary artist who uses tactile processes to produce work that has a sense of life lived. She uses memory derived from interactions with people or histories to gather a story, which she then interprets in drawing, casting in plaster or concrete, with a process which loads, in this case, garments, which are disproportionate to their physical weight.

Katherine Perrins is a painter exploring the arena of subtle roles within the female realm. She often works from the inside out, using interiors as a metaphor for silence and a captured moment of intimacy. Taking inspiration from the quotidian, such as the moment when the light hits a familiar, everyday scene within the home, a half-drunk glass of water or a child’s discarded toy, creating for her an almost sacred moment in time.

Denise Webber's upbringing in Cyprus and first-hand experiences of the war whilst growing up were formative influences which persist in the background and continue to subtly shape her work. Her photographs of women crossing the threshold of a Taoist temple are an evocation of a journey filled with boundaries, both visible and invisible, real and imagined, which the women delightfully transcend.

The works in Mirrors Fog Over When I Breathe share a sense of intimacy, offering viewers an opportunity to reflect on the intersections of time, habit and memory.artists/organisations involved:

Artists/Organisations involved:

Helen Barff (@helenbarff), Katherine Perrins (@katherine_perrins), Denise Webber (@denisewebberartist)

CLOSE ltd (@closeltd)