MINATURES A4 Poster GW sml


Fine Art stu­dents from Fal­mouth Uni­ver­si­ty con­sid­er minia­ture-mak­ing in rela­tion to their own practices

This exhibition marks the return of the miniature to Gray’s Wharf. Fine Art students from Falmouth University have once again been invited to consider miniature-making in relation to their own practices.

Miniatures are typically characterised as the tiny and the petite. However, what separates the miniature from the generally small? While little things can be synonymous with kitsch and cuteness, the miniature demands a critical consideration of its diminutive stature.

It possesses a curious dissonance which stems from its duality of being at once representational yet unfamiliar, mirroring objects from our own reality while simultaneously severing any pre-conceived relationship to functionality.

Miniaturisation opens a door to a strange space of playful and inquisitive absurdity, in which a multitude of human and more-than-human ideas can be channelled and encountered anew.
MINATURES A4 Poster GW sml