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Professional Development

Mentor Mondays: Kinnari Saraiya

SO Artists, sign up for our first Men­tor Mon­day with Kin­nari Saraiya

Part of ‘a space’ arts expanded Artist Voices Programme, Mentor Mondays invites visual arts professionals from across the UK to hold 1-to-1 sessions with artists & artworkers from the SO postcode area.

For the first in the series of Mentor Mondays, Artist, Curator and Writer Kinnari Saraiya will be offering support, advice and feedback for SO artists. This opportunity would be particularly suited to those who are currently working in curation or are looking to expand their professional practice and explore the pathway of curating for the arts.

Mentor Mondays #1 – Monday 16th May. There are three 45 minute sessions between 9am – 11am. The sessions will take place online via Zoom.

Book your session here