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MEMENTO | Oops Wow Messy Art Kid's Workshop

As part of MEMEN­TO | Film & Mem­o­ry, Jo from Oops Wow Messy Art will host a busy and fun work­shop aimed at kids aged 612 ish

As part of From Page To Screen Film Festival’s accompanying exhibition, MEMENTO | Film & Memory, Jo from Oops Wow Messy Art will host a busy and fun workshop aimed at kids age 6 – 12 ish.

Jo says:

The workshop will begin with exploring the exhibition, followed by making our own work inspired by what we have seen. We will create a film set from our favourite film or book, or our imagination, and by using very low tech special effects we will be able to transport ourselves into amazing places. We will also make a book inspired by Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie series, so we can trick the reader into saying whatever we want!