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May Exhibition Launch

Join us for the launch of our three new sum­mer exhibitions.

Opening Times
18:00 – 20:00
Join us for the launch of our three new summer exhibitions: "Fragile Earth" works of Sally Baldwin; "Gaps - Spain 2019" works of Robert Mountjoy; "Paean to the Sea" works of Katie Jamieson.

These three exhibitions consider the spaces around us, their surprising resilience, inevitable decay and a juxtaposition of strength and fragility to be found in the most unexpected places. In “Gaps”, Robert Mountjoy presents a view of the historic Andalucía that in abstract forms captures the vibrancy and strength of its aging architecture today. Against this, Katie Jamieson’s “Paean to the Sea” explores natural landscapes as they reclaim abandoned industry, decaying structures gently laid to rest by delicate hands. And finally, Sally Baldwin’s “Fragile Earth” considers the other half of this relationship, presenting delicate and ephemeral works that reflect a vulnerable world in which the cracks are not just seen in the health of our planet, but in society as a whole.
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Painting Sculpture