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Gladys Paulus will be lead­ing this four-day Mas­ter­class in Felt­mak­ing; an inten­sive inquiry into the cre­ative poten­tial of felt.

Perfect for those who wish to push their existing felting skills or explore ways in which felt could become part of their broader artistic vocabulary, participants will enjoy a creative and technical yet playful exploration of this versatile medium, guided throughout by Gladys’ masterful eye and expert tuition.

Our focus will be on the creation of a series of small samples (approximately 15 x 15cm), though there may also be some possibility for moving into 3-dimensional work (time permitting). The power of the humble sample is often underestimated and in this workshop, students will come to appreciate the role sampling has to play in their artistic felt work. Not only can samples help avoid costly and painful mistakes, but they can also help to get through creative blocks, and can even become artworks in their own right. The aim of these four days is not to produce an ‘end product’, but rather to give you the time and space to deepen, develop and free up your creative practice.

Whilst firmly rooted in sound technical understanding and practical knowledge, this process-driven master class allows for plenty of freedom for individual expression. As such, the course content is flexible and will be tailored to the individual as much as possible. Teaching is done through group work, individual reflection, 1-2-1 consultations, practical demonstrations and presenting to your peer group.

Whether you are a felt maker preparing for a specific project or body of work, or you would simply like to explore textures, colours, or techniques through guided experimental play, this workshop aims to help students get started on what may well become a lifelong addiction!

By the end of the workshop, you will have

Made a series of small 2-D samples, measuring approximately 15 x 15cm. (Time permitted, it may be possible to explore small 3-D sculptural shapes, if this is part of your creative line of inquiry).
Gained a greater knowledge of texture, colour and techniques of felt making
Explored how felt-making skills can be applied to your own projects
Identified the difference between poorly and well-made felt
Approached different felt making techniques with confidence
Demonstrated the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply newly acquired techniques and mediums to your own textile arts practice
Learnt how to use sampling as a method to break through artistic ‘blocks’
Demonstrated the ability to reflect on your personal artistic journey through talking & presenting your work to a peer group
Please note: Un-dyed wool in natural colours will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring along a selection of materials/fibres/textile remnants/off-cuts/seconds resulting from your own textile arts practice in order to incorporate into the felt, or simply to draw on as an inspirational source and to link the samples produced in this workshop to your own personal aesthetic and style.
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