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Mary English & Martyn Perryman | Colours of Cornwall

Join us for the open­ing night on Fri­day 25th August 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

Colours of Cornwall

This exhibition explores how the artist interprets the same environment, working in different mediums. Mary Kaun English and Martyn Perryman are partners who live in West Cornwall. Their home and studios are just a few minutes from the North Cliffs coastal path and the expansive sands of St Ives Bay.

The couple met when attending Wimbledon College of Arts, London. Both graduated with BA (Hons) degrees in Fine Art. They share a fascination with the colour pallet and textures of the Cornish Landscape.

Mary’s ceramic pieces are a mixture of hand-built and thrown pieces. The locally sourced clay represents the earth itself and celebrates its natural aesthetic. Colour is very important to the work using the earthly and organic tones that reflect the surrounding landscape.

Martyn works in oils, on canvas and board. His paintings evolve over time as he builds up many layers of translucent paint to interpret the rhythm and energy of the ocean. He also works in mixed media when exploring the textures and moods of the landscape.

Mary is a permanent member of The Penwith Gallery.
Martyn is a full-time artist at The Porthminster Gallery, St Ives.

Martyn Perryman:

“My intention is to produce an image that will trigger a past visual experience. To create the calmness and clarity of mind that can be achieved when looking out to the horizon free from the pressure and clutter of modern urban life”.

I invite the viewer to join me in a contemplative position enabling the consolidation of past events and the consideration of future possibilities.”

Born 1963 Bath,

On leaving school Martyn started working as studio assistant to sculptor John Rivera president of the Royal society of British Sculptors. From there he moved into retail display working as prop studio manager at Harvey Nichols London before going on to having his own successful display company for many years. He graduated with a BA (hons) in fine art and design (first class) from Wimbledon college of art in 2007. He has exhibited successfully with the Royal Society of Marine Artist at the Mall Galleries London.

His work is represented by leading galleries across the UK and is in collections in the UK, Germany, France, California, and Australia.

Mary Kaun English:

Mary’s ceramic practice is heavily influenced by the landscape of Cornwall; in particular the North Cliffs area where her studio is located. The clay representing the earth itself and celebrating the natural aesthetic.

Her work is a mixture of ceramic hand-built and thrown work with pieces completed using the alternative firing method.

Colour is very important to Mary’s work, in particular earthly and organic tones, that reflect the surrounding landscape, sand dunes, sea, the flora and fauna of the environment.
Mary English Martyn Perryman 2023 POSTER FINAL RBG
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