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Magnum Percussion Instrument Workshop

Run by Bris­tol Com­mu­ni­ty Mod­u­lar as part of the EP/64 #64 The Grand Final Weekend

Run by Bristol Community Modular as part of the EP/64 #64 The Grand Final Weekend

Be the first to build and own a Magnum Percussion Instrument!
Bristol Communal Modular are designing a percussion synth based around the circuit of the classic discowrecking drum synth, the Synare 3.

The synare was a staple in a lot of post punk, dub and disco production in the 70s through the 80s. You can hear it in loads of tunes by Joy Division, Scientist, The Cure, Depeche Mode, the iconic Jah Shaka sound system scene in the film Babylon(1980) and a tonne of disco tunes too. Once you start noticing the Synare hits you won’t stop finding them. Legend goes you could pick it up in 70s Argos for cheap. And now the original synares are selling for nearly £800

The Magnum Percussion Instrument is a standalone unit that is also suitable for a Eurorack modular system. The Magnum P.I. has two oscillators and a noise source going into a 4 stage 24dB resonant low pass filter with CVable cutoff. It has two decay envelopes, one of which is CVable and a vintage style VCA. You can trigger it with a finger or a drum stick, and it also has trig in.
In this workshop you will be building a Magnum P.I. from scratch to keep. This workshop is open to complete beginners and we will have people around to give guidance on soldering techniques.
Workshop runs 11am - 5pm. All materials and equipment provided.
Run by Guy John and Dave Gibson from Bristol Communal Modular.
Bristol Communal Modular are an open collective who are slowly building a communal modular synth system, which will be co-built and co-owned. They are operating out of Bristol Hackspace in St Phillips.
Presented with The Brunswick Club and Schwet. Supported with funding from West of England Visual Arts Alliance (WEVAA) and Arts Council England.