Lizzy Mooney workshop landcape

Love - Light - Spirit - Matter

An exhi­bi­tion by Lizzy Mooney

15/06/21 – 20/06/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 10:00 – 16:00
Monday, Closed
Tue–Sat, 10:00 – 16:00
"I'm inspired by the elements earth, air, fire and water, their interactions with each other, the clashes and collaborations with the manmade world."

Lizzy Mooney describes her work as an exploration of the unity between spirit and matter. Her choice of materials is often key to an understanding of the focus of the work, and how the materials are gathered and prepared can influence her desired outcomes.

"For example, using hand tools when working with green wood enables me to either clash or collaborate with the material, to inflict my desire or to feel the true nature of the piece."

Lizzy’s newest works, produced during the lockdown period, include a large scale woodblock print installation and a collection of wood and canvas explorations. Older works include sculptures, carved and gilded wood panels and woodblock prints.

"In my view everything is connected and I make as an intuitive and spontaneous response to the world around me. If away from the workshop for a long stretch often my hands get itchy and my fingers wiggle without me realising; something is ready to pop out. I make both as an experience or process and I create to experience outcomes myself as much as for others."