Living on a see saw vasw

‘Living On A See-Saw’

New Works by Mag­gie Royle 
Open­ing Pre­view: 6 — 9pm Thurs­ 24th March

24/03/22 – 17/04/22
Opening Times
Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 11:00 – 18:00
As an artist I tend to work in a spirit of playful improvisation. The pandemic threw things into disarray and new, surprising strands of work emerged. 

I became enthused by the possibilities of working within more formal structures, with an emphasis on edges and layering, transparency and opacity; playing with different kinds of space in the painting. At first glance the paintings look hard-edged and precise, but a closer inspection reveals a wonky, DIY aesthetic. 

The illusion of masking tape brings a disruptive element to the painting while signalling an attempt to impose some kind of order or constraint. While the ‘tape’ alludes to something temporary and removable, this is carefully rendered in oil paint as an integral part of the work.

Abstract paintings often invite the viewer to form their own interpretations and these works might recall something remembered or imagined, or something just out of reach.

Music is an important element in the creative process; the titles often come from snatches of song lyrics. ‘Living on a see-saw’ (Massive Attack) is indicative of our way of life over the past couple of years as well as the inherent ups and downs involved in making art.
Living on a see saw vasw