Liminal Spaces at Birdwood House

Lim­i­nal Spaces brings togeth­er the work of artists Belin­da Ire­land, Mhairi Tre­harne and Emma Roberts

18/09/22 – 29/09/22
Opening Times
Sunday, 12:00 – 16:45
Monday, Closed
Tue–Fri, 10:00 – 16:45
Saturday, 10:00 – 16:00
Belinda Ireland is a contemporary figurative artist who works from her studio in the South West. Ireland closely watches and absorbs her surroundings; mining and extracting from books, films, family photos, memories, music, and art history for inspiration. Ireland’s work explores colour and light, creating a harmonious, almost luminescent, relationship between her subjects. She treats the surface of her paintings as a collection of different hues and shapes that inform a mood and interlock into imagined narratives.

Mhairi Treharne is a Canadian-born artist and has a studio in Cheltenham. She is inherently drawn to places that have a sense of mystery; a thinness, and apparent closeness to another dimension.
Treharne’s distinctive work uses thinly veiled glazes on plaques, dapples of pigment, wood singe marks and wire stitching. Her pieces feel complete and precious, and are often multidirectional, allowing the freedom to explore and view them as you wish.

Emma Roberts, also based in the South West, embeds her art practice in the knowledge that in a moment, a brief, indefinite interval of time, everything can change. Exposure to life’s fragility drives her to linger when tender moments arise and notice when
connections and disconnections occur. Through her paintings, Roberts tries to balance the importance of memory and awareness. She is intrigued by the process of preciousness, and how it can become entwined in objects. As part of this exploration, she creates both large and small works that consider the impact of scale and perception.
Curating Drawing Painting