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Life Drawing

A week­ly life-draw­ing class, to instil con­fi­dence and pro­vide the ground­work for artists to devel­op their own voice.

This class runs every Thursday with Real Art Make Print Studio Holder Kieran Walsh.

“My approach to drawing is direct and simple. I do not preach any particular style and I firmly believe that we all have the potential to make great drawings. I think that what matters most is that we approach the subject with genuine intrigue, and that we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone, in pursuit of an honest response to that subject.

Chantal Joffe described painting and drawing as being like, “dancing on a pin”. I think this sums it up pretty well. You have to constantly be willing to follow what feels right without losing coherence, you have to hold something together without crushing it, it is a game that I have been playing for many years now without pause and I believe that I can help people through my experience.
My intention is always to instil confidence and provide the groundwork for each artist to develop their own voice. ”

Kieran Walsh is a painter and drawer who lives and works in Plymouth. He studied for his BA in Fine Art at The University of Plymouth, studied on the Drawing Intensive at The Royal Drawing School in London and is currently doing his MA in Painting at Arts University Plymouth - writing his dissertation on alternative arts education with a specific focus on life drawing.

Over the last few years, Kieran has also taught life drawing at both The University of Plymouth and Arts University Plymouth.

Student Feedback:
"Keiran Thank you so much for helping to hold this space for us and encouraging us to surrender to the moment and really be with Kevin and everyone in the room. You did that with so much kindness, care and attention and without being intrusive, which is quite a special skill to have. You were so encouraging and that is what helped us to let go. It was the most meaningful experience I have had for a very long time and I was about to walk away from the MA because there was nothing calling me to stay. Please continue these classes. They are making being at this art college more than worthwhile."
Ticket Information
When: These sessions are every Thursday, 6pm - 8.30pm at Ocean Studios
Materials are included with the session - but attendees are also welcome to bring their own if preferred.
Ticket Cost: £16 per person
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