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Left Hand Shuffle by Bruce Ingram

Ingram exhi­bi­tion acknowl­edges the ele­ment of chance and spon­tane­ity that Bruce Ingram embraces whilst work­ing on mul­ti­ple collages.

09/04/22 – 19/06/22
£4.50 (incl Gift Aid Donation)£4.00 (without Gift Aid) Free entry for Patrons, Supporters & U18s
The title of the exhibition acknowledges the element of chance and spontaneity that Bruce Ingram embraces whilst working on multiple collages and assembled artworks in his studio. During the creative process initial drawings and works on paper are re- evaluated, providing a new resource for collage and construction. Through cutting with scissors and painting on paper, forms evolve through the attachment of individual paper shapes, providing a layered surface to explore composition and form.

The same process of re-purposing also takes place within assembled and painted constructions, these works are an amalgamation of found materials such as wood, cardboard and painting stretchers. An eclectic mix of references add a purpose of place, history and narrative to his work.

Originally from Falmouth, Bruce now lives and works in Hastings. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2008. His work has been selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize; he has also been a finalist in the Dazed / Converse Emerging Artist Award. Recent exhibitions include Duets Bell House Dulwich Village, London (2018) Broken Pictures No Format Gallery, London (2018).
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