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Talks & Seminars

Landscape Resonances

Focus­ing on the con­tent of the cur­rent exhi­bi­tion (Expand­ing Land­scapes: Paint­ing After Land Art), curat­ed by Rebec­ca Par­tridge and Joy Sleeman.

Including the transformations in the late 20th and early 21st centuries in landscape art and painting.

The discussion event features contributions by artists and curators with a history of making and researching art in the landscape including Nicholas Alfrey, Evan Ifekoya, Sir Richard Long, Joy Sleeman, Jem Southam and Sarah Kate Wilson.

Sir Richard Long has been in the vanguard of conceptual art in Britain since he created A Line Made by Walking over half a century ago, his talk will cover highlights of his extraordinary career. London-based Evan Ifekoya’s art practice and activism reverberates with themes in the Expanding Landscapes exhibition, especially relating to time and the sacred, whilst Sarah Kate Wilson’s work crystallises around the performative and LIVE possibilities of Painting.

Nicholas Alfrey has recently collaborated with photographer Jem Southam, they will tease out themes in the photographer’s long career, while Joy Sleeman will explore the ‘after Land Art’ aspect of the exhibition’s title, with particular attention to work by Nancy Holt, Ingrid Pollard and Marie Yates.

Refreshments will be included.