Kurt Jackson exhibition 1

Kurt Jackson's 'Clay Country' Exhibition

An exhi­bi­tion by con­tem­po­rary artist Kurt Jack­son, inspired by his time at Lit­tle­johns Chi­na Clay Works.

Wheal Martyn Clay Works is delighted to present an exhibition by contemporary artist Kurt Jackson, inspired by his time at Littlejohns China Clay Works. Kurt’s work is fuelled by a long standing interest in Cornwall’s extractive industry and its role in shaping the physical landscape, culture and heritage of the county. Kurt worked in situ, observing the workers in the pit as they extracted and transported the china clay in an extraordinary manmade landscape. The exhibition includes new mixed media paintings, from huge tarpaulin-sized canvases to small intimate studies. The subject matter ranges from the ‘washing’ of the clay with high pressure monitors, to the blasting of the rock and breaking and transportation.