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knit the walls

knit the walls’ is an ongo­ing knit­ted pub­lic art co-cre­ation project, mak­ing a soft wool­ly ver­sion of southamp­ton’s old town walls. come and join in

Opening Times
14:00 – 15:30
as we continue to stay safe within our own four walls, let's still knit #togetherapart
the medieval walls of southampton’s old town hold a study of time. each stone reflects the history of southampton, each dent, erosion and mark holds sections of our continuous narrative. ‘knit the walls’ emerged from these musings and we invite you to join us, to muse, to discuss what these stones could have witnessed. creating connections with women of the past, through actions now. together we talk, wonder, and knit, and by implication, write the forgotten women of herstory back into the ancient stones.
even though we cannot meet in person (as soon as we can, we will!), we can still meet and continue to be a part of the ever growing warm, protective, functional and decorative record of knitters today. the countless knitted stones holding, in their stitches, the time and relations of their makers, as the old walls hold energies and records of the city’s past.

this is a space to come and play, knit, to be creative or just to chat, laugh and be surrounded by community. if you feel drawn outdoors and have wifi then please do grab a blanket – maybe even knitted – and surround yourself with nature. we would all benefit from hearing some birds chirping.
grab yourself a brew, your knitting needles, and get cosy. we are excited to delve back into the energy of the stones with you all.
we will meet on zoom at 2pm (a link will be posted nearer the time, but do install it on your computer in advance using this link: https://zoom.us/)
lets knit!
how to attend: please follow this link to register for the event. you will be taken to a small survey that i would love you to fill in - it really helps us secure future funding and lets us know what you are enjoying or what we could do better - thank you so much for your thoughts!

are you in need of materials?
if you need materials, we will endeavour to get them to you (i will prepare them in advance and bag them days ahead of the event so once you open the bag, they will be safe) or just use any needles and wool you have at home. or just come for the chat.
what about buns / cake and tea??
it doesn’t feel quite right without the glorious gods house tower buns. luckily the hoxton bakehouse are doing deliveries, so do take a look and order some in advance from here: https://www.hoxtonbakehouse.com/home-delivery

gods house tower
god's house tower is closed, and a space arts, along with many arts and community organisations, is therefore under some financial duress. I have always kept knit the walls free to participate, and this one is no exception. but please consider the option to donate - follow this link to the ght web page, and scroll down to the 'donate' button. thanks for anything you can offer - it will help us continue to support local artists and bring southampton’s history to life in new ways during these unprecedented times. http://godshousetower.org.uk/whats-on/

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