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Kes Richardson - Passengers Through the Badlands

Auc­tion House is pleased to announce Pas­sen­gers Through the Bad­lands, a solo exhi­bi­tion by Kes Richardson.

30/07/21 – 08/08/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
Mon–Thu, Closed
Fri–Sat, 11:00 – 17:00
Mowed Jethro’s lawn t’other day. Heller watercolour collection, you.
Grass has gone now. African bush, shorn.
Red dragon. Red seal. Men in grey suits. Neoprene and salt.
UKIP boarded up.
Country back.
County back.
Back country.
Back lane past Egloskerry. Eggs on cherry. Hold back Molly. Cavalcade of pas’ies up Ginsters last night. Right pile up just off the A30. Battle of San Romano.
Skate Rag twat cap. Peaked before MAGA, MCA (RIP), Meow Meow and megaLOLs.
Out of towners. Coming over here. Comin’ up castle? Down park? Silly on psilocybin. Whose mouth is this anyway? Breathing chest of drawers. Breathless chest. Trapped in a phone box. Time lord.
Reverse charges. Multiverses, sweaty backs and white horses. Liquid vision. Sensei floored in a puddle of piss. Golden section.
Grids. Negative space. Bacon. Barnecutt's.
Where does your skin end? Tintoretto’s long neck. Six foot arms.
Passengers through the Badlands.
Seagram’s are back Pete. Still fizzing.


Auction House is pleased to announce Passengers Through the Badlands, a solo exhibition by Kes Richardson.

Richardson grew up near Launceston in east Cornwall and studied at Falmouth College of Art. Although regularly returning to visit friends and family since moving to London in 1999, he has now lived the capital for longer than he did in the county. This gives a particular, removed perspective but also one imbued with nostalgia of formative years crucial to experience and development; both personally and in relation to painting.

In the first solo presentation of his work in Cornwall Richardson displays four oversized paintings in acrylic on heavy PVC derived from small collaged marker pen studies on paper. He sees the paintings as belligerent interlopers, gurning (self?) portraits of sorts, whose composite forms shift in and out of assemblage; transitory in time and space. A peaked cap sits atop each “head”. This reoccurring motif serves as both a pictorial wayfinder and as a referent to the headwear welded to the artist’s skull as a young teenager.

Kes Richardson, b. 1976, lives and works in London.

Solo exhibitions include: Boat Races and Fizzogs at L21 Gallery, Majorca; Spoiler at Ridgeway Road, London; Droor’ngs and Fair Game at FOLD Gallery, London. Group exhibitions include: Support. at ANDOR, London; Bad Actors at KARST, Plymouth; Notes on Painting II, The Koppel Project Central, London; The Inhuman/difficult transition/, Thames-side Studios Gallery, London; Painting & Structure, Kennington Residency, London; garten a.V., Frontviews Temporary, Berlin.

Collections include David Roberts Art Foundation. Represented by FOLD Gallery.

Private view Friday 30 July 5pm – 10pm
Food and hot drinks will be available from Beats & Roots Café. Free entry.

Exhibition opening times
Friday – Sunday 11am – 5pm
Or by appointment. Please email
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