Joy Wolfenden Brown 'Sanctum'

Ani­ma Mun­di are proud to present Sanc­tum’, an extra­or­di­nar­i­ly inti­mate solo exhi­bi­tion by Joy Wolfend­en Brown.

‘Sanctum’ is Wolfenden Brown’s seventh solo exhibition at Anima Mundi and is imbued with the artists renowned sensitivity to absorb the physical and metaphysical world that surrounds and precedes the present moment. Evocations of fortitude combine with vulnerability, resting beneath an ethereally layered and unmannered, yet luminous oily surface. The ritualistic painting process flows continuously from the artists’ subconscious, as a visual reflection of deeply felt experience and emotion, simultaneously confronting whilst offering the viewer comfort through the sharing of a profound and fragile truth.Figures often appear awkward, perhaps guarded, as if attempting to close the breach created through the wide eyed protagonist, offering a unique and singular window in to the soul of the subject, the artist and in turn, ourselves.

“In a field
I am the absence
of field ”

— (Mark Strand ‘Keeping Things Whole’)