John swete
Talks & Seminars

John Swete’s paintings, transatlantic slavery and RAMM collections

Join Lucy MacK­ei­th to explore how RAMM’s col­lec­tions con­tribute to today’s dis­cus­sions about transat­lantic slavery.

Focusing on items such as bronze manillas, sugar cones and paintings by the artist Rev John Swete.

Former RAMM Education Officer and researcher and presenter on Black History in Devon, Lucy organised the national conference to mark the Bicentenary of the publication of Olaudah Equiano's Narrative at RAMM in 1989. She has been interested by the history of African people in Devon, and in association with Slavery ever since and contributed research for the In Plain Sight exhibition as a member of the Legacies of Devon Slave-Ownership Group.

Her 2003 book Local Black History – a beginning in Devon is available online.
A follow up book will be available in 2022.
John swete