Jason Lilley Mark Verry 2022 poster

Jason Lilley & Mark Verry | Landscript

A joint exhi­bi­tion of paint­ings by Jason Lil­ley, and sculp­ture by Mark Ver­ry | Join us for the open­ing night on Fri­day 17th June 17:30 onwards!

‘Like our fingerprints and the lines in our palms, the memory of the past remains imprinted on all land. As every fingerprint is unique so is the pattern of every piece of land. Sometimes its pattern is created from natural history; sometimes it is a pattern imprinted through the continuity of human life. The record and story of our lives are written on the land. The land is thus a grand and noble book in history and this is as precious as precious can be. Let us call this the landscript.’

H-Sang, Seung

‘Landscript: The Inscription of Nature and Life on the Land’

Youlhwadang Publishers, 2008
Jason Lilley Mark Verry 2022 poster
Painting Sculpture