Jarno Vesala 'The Company of Others'

Ani­ma Mun­di are proud to present The Com­pa­ny of Oth­ers’ by Finnish instal­la­tion artist Jarno Vesala.

Anima Mundi are proud to present ’The Company of Others' by Finnish artist Jarno Vesala.

Vesala's emotive and empathic installations incorporate sculpture, sound and projected image. The work plays with the act of perception, memory and illusion. His emotionally and physically immersive environments are perplexing, mysterious and unsettling. Recurrent humanistic themes relate to solitude and intimacy are made manifest and palpable through his unique rendering.

’The Company of Others' contains two new installation works. ‘Portrait of a Father and Daughter' a surreal work incorporating life size sculpture and projection and an as yet untitled new immersive video sculpture that will be installed for the first time at the gallery.