Emma Carter Bromfield painting on the beach
Open Studios

Island Artist - Open Studio

Come and see Emma Carter Brom­field at work in the gallery, devel­op­ing new paintings.

08/02/22 – 02/03/22
Opening Times
Sunday, Closed
Mon–Sat, 10:00 – 16:30
Emma has shown her work at Harbour House for over seventeen years with her fresh, atmospheric semi-abstract paintings of coasts and seascapes in an increasingly abstracted and expressionistic style.

"My practice in 2021 has seen a more relaxed confident approach to painting where I am really working with the nature of the paint and releasing the control a little to produce a sensitive symbiotic threeway relationship with me, the paint and the canvas. It is a really interesting point in my career as an artist; after 25 years painting I feel I’m really getting to know my tools of expression."
Emma Carter Bromfield painting on the beach