Iona Sanders

Iona Sanders | One Day

A vibrant col­lec­tion of oils and acrylics

Join us for the open­ing evening on Friday 17th May 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

Iona Sanders’ latest series of paintings explore the energy and life in the mundane, the ordinary, and the stress that comes with everyday domesticity.
Based on a series of sketches made over the course of one non-extraordinary day from her home in Lelant, Iona describes the day in question:

“Nothing special happened: did some washing, did the dishes, answered some WhatsApp messages, did some emails, walked the dog... my home is fairly colourful, my daughters make fabulous models and my daily dog walk is amazing. I think it's mindfulness that allows you to see beauty in the little things, the things that are under your nose, and I am happy to share my response to this.”
Iona Sanders
Painting Sculpture