Invisible Landscapes

Group Exhib­tion from: Andrew D. Clark / Matt Clark / ALex Clark.

16/06/23 – 21/06/23
Opening Times
Sun–Wed, 11:00 – 18:00
Thursday, Closed
Friday, 17:00 – 21:00
Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00
From the underlanes of nature which shape this plane, to the spaces and places unseen and unnamed, Invisible Landscapes highlight the sublime unknown within, the imminent and out of reach - the tacit through all things.

The exhibition seeks to explore the realms too big or too small to see, the minute overlooked, and the topography of our lives too large to process. The work provides a window, through the visual mediums of painting and photography, to the places that manifest and grow below the threshold of awareness.

As an inward journey, pertaining to the individual, this exhibition is an expression of how we navigate and traverse through our conscious and unconscious states - through the refuges and deluges found within and without, and the seemingly indifferent skies that roll on above.


Andrew D. Clark

Across chapters of the work, atmosphere is Andrew’s lodestar - as a subject, a tone and a teacher.

His practice serves as a portal, with each iteration, a moment in time - a window to the unseen space.

Andrew’s work embodies Daoist philosophy with Romantic ideas of the sublime, transience and fleeting impermanence. Through layers of oil and fog, the invisible landscape is unveiled, and so too the continuing passage of the soul.

Echoed in time, Andrew’s images sway with the four winds - walking the road to here. Toward and away from the known, they seek the dim glimmer of the hidden, calling yonder.

Matt Clark

Capturing the unseen overlooked, Matt’s photography explores worlds so often missed and the wonders within, from micro to macro - Sol to soil.

An underlying dichotomy permeates his work, further in yet further out. Lichens turned to great vistas, ancient panoramas found in the loam, places out of sight though oddly familiar. His images explore the fractality of nature, and the orderly chaos which grows with each abstracted perspective.

With every turn of the aperture, the work emerges and collects through the process of biophilia; the bond that binds all and everything.

Alex Clark

In his series of selected photographs, Alex brings his favourite images into focus from the low fidelity lens and medium format film of his Holga camera. Glowing with timeless familiarity, his photographs echo with a dreamlike and nostalgic quality through warm tones, from as far back as 2006.

Forming together in a non-narrative way, the images in this series seemingly serve as a reminder to places lost but not forgotten - to that which echoes on.
“I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”