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Interactive Weaves

Con­tribute to a free woven instal­la­tion through cre­ative work­shops run by the Hot­walls Stu­dio Artists and weaver Alice Hume.

20/06/21 – 20/09/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 16:00
Mon–Sat, Closed
A series of interactive Weave events in collaboration with the Hotwalls Studios Artists to share skills, raise awareness of sustainable materials and build culture and community in Old Portsmouth. Alice Hume will choose each theme where participants can weave with recycled, upcycled and ethical materials of textile, paper, plastic and plants. The events will explore topics of plastic consumption, textile waste and well-being through craft practices with free, accessible workshops run by the artists. They will share their skills in ceramics, Turkish ebru, life drawing, painting, hand stitching, gold leaf and weaving. There will also be live art from a Hotwalls Studios artist who will sit on the parade ground capturing the Weave on an easel. The project will culminate with an exhibition in the round tower in September 2021, offering participants the chance to see the complete works together.

All 11am-4pm
Sunday 20th June - Paper Weave
Sunday 27th June - Plastic Weave
Sunday 18th July - Moon Weave
Sunday 25th July - Paper Weave
Sunday 15th August - Forest Weave
Sunday 22nd August - Textile Weave
Friday 17th to 19th September - Interactive Weaves, An exhibition

All creative workshops are free, please visit Alice's website for the full programme and sign up to the mailing list to book the free workshops on eventbrite nearer to time.
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