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Workshops & Courses

Inspired by Nature: Drawing for Pattern Design

You will learn essen­tial tech­niques in illus­tra­tion and pat­tern design that are inspired-by-nature.

This three-day workshop is taught by renowned designer and entrepreneur Rachael Taylor of ‘Rachael Taylor Designs’. You will learn essential techniques in illustration and pattern design that are inspired-by-nature, whilst also giving you valuable insights on how to succeed commercially in your career.

Throughout the workshop, you will be taking the time to get to know your drawing practice, as well as learning from other creative people in a communal setting. The drawings you create will be a foundation for personal discovery and self-expression, incorporating elements of mindfulness and art therapy through drawing techniques. Rachael will help guide you as you develop your skills, learn new ways to approach motif-making and take on a variety of new creative tasks.
WEB926002 D2 AB3943 8977 CD45 3874 6180 D284 DD4 E