Lizzy Mooney Fragile Earth residency February 2022

In the Medio Space

Exhi­bi­tion and instal­la­tion by Lizzy Mooney. Open­ing view: Tues­day 25 Octo­ber, 5 — 7 pm.

25/10/22 – 05/11/22
Opening Times
Sunday, Closed
Mon–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
Earlier in 2022 Lizzy took over the gallery space in her Fragile Earth residency, memorably suspending multiple shards of partially gilded eucalyptus bark by barely visible threads and creating the mesmerising illusion of long, strange shapes floating in the air, like dancers in slow motion.
In her autumn gallery event, In the Medio Space, Lizzy will develop new work in response to Fragile Earth, paying particular attention to the space a little closer to the viewer.
Lizzy explains, “Having developed works in the micro, which then launched into the macro, this inbetween space is what I’m exploring: the medio space. I’m using bold line and form but introducing a more delicate and intricate exploration, so that you as the viewer can experience work within your frame of reference, on your scale and within the space around you.”
Lizzy’s materials include wood, paper, canvas, pastel and pen, and techniques of gilding, japanning, printmaking and painting: “Sometimes whatever is the first thing I grab to make a mark and other times these marks are deeply considered before application.”