In Spite of Bad Weather

In Spite of Bad Weather

In Spite of Bad Weath­er, brings togeth­er con­trast­ing aes­thet­ics, fold­ing and adapt­ing the bio­log­i­cal and the technical.

The weather gives us metaphors; storm, flood, drought, and other terms sourced from the shifting environmental conditions are scattered through human languages. We often apply these to large events, crises, or catastrophes, whether economic, societal or political. These metaphoric storms are part of the weather we live with now. Alert to the conditions around them, the artists in this show present work that engages with myth, landscape, story and materials to reflect on experience, to imagine paths and ways through the crashing storms.

In Spite of Bad Weather brings together contrasting aesthetics, folding and adapting the biological and the technical. The artists propose new old stories, reworking fables, revising strategies of showing, of describing. They recognise how economic, political, climactic, environmental stresses work across each other in a complex interlocking system. Their making acknowledges the pressures on all the inhabitants - animal, plant, other - of this corner of the planet, and by “staying with the trouble” the artists hold a space for possibility.
In Spite of Bad Weather